Compared with Fixed Frequency Heat Pump, What Are the Advantages of Inverter Heat Pump?

1. Fast heating (cooling), and good low-temperature heating effect

The inverter heat pump achieves high power and high efficiency. After the system is started, or when the ambient temperature and the set temperature are significantly different, it runs at the maximum frequency, which can reach 120 Hz, and quickly heat (cooling), making the water temperature rise rapidly or drop to the set temperature, so you can quickly get a comfortable temperature environment. When the temperature reaches the set value, it will automatically switch to low frequency operation, and the heating (cooling) effect is obvious.

In addition, due to the low ambient temperature in winter, the heat pump will frequently defrost, and the heating capacity of the heat pump will be greatly reduced. When the inverter heat pump is defrosting, it will use high frequency operation to defrost, so that the defrosting time is reduced and the heating capacity is increased.

DC inverter heat pump floor heating has a larger working range than conventional heat pumps. It can operate normally at extremely low ambient temperatures. The heating capacity at -15°C ambient temperature is 60% higher than that of fixed-frequency heating heat pumps, and 80% higher at -25°C.

2. High efficiency, energy saving, low noise, and long life

The inverter heat pump determines the operating frequency of the compressor and the fan according to the amount of heat (cold) required, so as to achieve a reasonable use of energy. Since the compressor is not frequently turned on, the compressor will maintain a stable working state, so it will not consume much electrical energy. It can make the COP energy efficiency 30% more energy-saving than the fixed frequency heat pump. At the same time, it has a significant effect on reducing noise and prolonging the service life of the heat pump.

3. Accurate temperature control and high comfort

After the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the inverter heat pump air conditioning will not stop running like a fixed frequency heat pump, but will run at a lower frequency to maintain the set temperature, especially when it provides heating (cold) for the home. The amount of heating (cold) heating is controlled by changing the speed of the compressor. The fixed frequency heat pump maintains the set temperature by repeatedly starting and stopping the compressor. The temperature difference fluctuates greatly, and the water temperature fluctuates up and down, so the room temperature will be too cold or overheated.

4. Using R40A refrigerant is more environmentally friendly

The inverter heat pumps generally use R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, with high system pressure, good heating, high energy efficiency, non-toxic, no odor, which  will not destroy the ozone layer.

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