Commercial DC Inverter Heat Pump (18KW/25KW/30KW)

Commercial DC Inverter Heat Pump (18KW/25KW/30KW)

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DC Inverter Driven Heat Pump Overiew

Famous world name brand parts: DC inverter MITSUBISHI Compressor and HITACHI DC inverter controller, BLDC fan motor to sure running high efficiency, R410A refrigerant without pollution. 380V/3Ph/50Hz or 60Hz power supply.

Heating more bigger around 200sq ~400sq meter room in Winter, and cooling around 250sq~480sq meter room in summer.

Commercial DC Inverter Heat PumpCommercial DC Inverter Heat Pump

The inverter air source heat pump can change the fixed frequency of 50 Hz to120 Hz operation frequency by means of inverter controller. It is able to adjust the compressor at any time according to the environment, the frequency of the power supply of the fan, adjust the compressor, the speed of the fan, and realize the stepless speed adjustment, so as to make use of the energy reasonably.

EVI dc inverter heat pump can lower the current when the system starts, and will not impact the power grid and watt-hour meter. It can reduce interference to other electrical appliances in the room. The voltage adaption range is 340V - 420V, which solves the problem of unstable work due to voltage instability. The wider the frequency range is, the more reliable it can be ensured to operate in continuous working conditions, and the more obvious the advantage of energy saving is.  Fast refrigeration(or heating), the good heating effect at low temperature.

The inverter driven heat pump can achieve high power and high efficiency. When the system starts, or when the temperature of the environment is different from the set temperature, it can run at the maximum frequency, which can reach 120 Hertz. It begins heating quickly, the temperature rises or drops rapidly to the set temperature, and the temperature environment can be quickly obtained. When the temperature reaches the set value, it automatically turns to the low-frequency operation, and the heating (cooling) effect is obvious.

In addition, in winter, because of the low ambient temperature, the air source heat pump will become frequently frost, and the heat capacity of the air will be greatly reduced. Inverter air source heat pump can defrost at high frequency, which greatly reduces the defrosting time and greatly improves the heat production.

The variable frequency air has good adaptability to environment temperature, good performance at low temperature, and no "attenuation" in the low-temperature environment of -15 degree through the technology of non-pole frequency conversion, and the thermal performance is obviously better than the constant frequency and low-temperature air energy. High efficiency and energy saving, low noise and long life, the air source heat pump can determine the operating frequency of compressor and fan based on how much heat (cold) needs, so as to make use of energy reasonably. And because the compressor does not open frequently, it will keep the compressor working state stable, so it will not consume much electricity energy. The energy efficiency of COP can be more than 30% of the total energy consumption of the fixed frequency air, and at the same time, it will play a significant role in reducing the noise and prolonging the service life of the air energy.

The biggest advantage of air source water heat pump is energy saving. Heat pump heating is only 0.28 degrees per flat meter per day, only 0.14 yuan per day, air conditioning heating, less square meters per day saving nearly 60%. Compared with the gas wall hanging furnace, for one 100 square meters of housing, if we need to guarantee the normal indoor temperature of one day above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it requires 15 cubic meters of gas. According to the calculation of 2 yuan per cubic meter, the cost of one day is about 30 yuan, and the air source heat pump heating cost is less than 20 yuan, and it is also very energy-saving. Compared with the heating cost of 6.5 yuan per square meter, air energy heat pump heating can save energy more than 90%, so its advantage is more obvious.
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Air Source Inverter Heat Pump Specification

Commercial DC inverter heat pump --Heating in Winter + Cooling in Summer
Model RSV-18A/S RSV-25A/S(C) RSV-30A/S(C)
HP 8P 10P 12P
Power supply V/Hz  380V/50Hz
Cooling Rated cooling capacity kW 18.0  25.0  30.0 
Rated cooling input power kW 5.6  7.6  9.4 
EER w/w 3.2 3.3 3.2
Cooling Min / Max kW 9.0/24.0 11.0/32.0 13/38
input power Min / Max kW 2.4/9.0 3.0/12.2 3.6/15.0
EER Min / Max w/w 2.2/4.2 2.2/4.2 2.2/4.2
 Heating Rated heating capacity kW 20.0  27.0  33.0 
Rated heating input power kW 5.8  7.8 9.7
COP  w/w 3.4  3.5  3.4 
Heating capacity Min / Max  kW 10.0/24.0 12.5/32.0 15.0/38.0
Input Power Min / Max  kW 2.4/9.0 3.0/12.2 3.6/15.0
COP  Min / Max  w/w 2.7/4.6 2.7/4.6 2.7/4.5
Refrigerant Type R410A
Heating hot water temp. rang 30℃~50℃
Cooling cold water temp. rang 5℃~20℃
Working ambient temp. -20℃ (or-25℃ optional )~45℃
Compressor Type Scroll MITSUBISHI DC inverter 
Controller system Type Hitachi DCBL controller  
Throttle way Type Electronic expansion valve
Fan motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Pressure device Type  Built-in high and low pressure sensor
Electronic Component Type Schneider AC contactor
Fan QTY two small fan one big fan
Noise dB(A) 57 60 62
N.W/ G.W Kg 150/175 290/310 310/340
Connect pipe size inch Rc1-1/4" /DN32 Rc1-1/2" / DN40
Unit Size (L*W*H) mm 1060*420*1560 1300*780*1840 1300*780*1840
The data in the above table test as following :
1. Heating test condition: ambient temp. (DB/WB):7℃/6℃,inlet/outlet water temp.:40℃/ 45℃ 
2. Cooling test condition : ambient temp. (DB/WB): 35℃/24℃,inlet/outlet water temp.:12℃/ 7℃ ;                                                        
Note : the data in this table are for reference only, please following the nameplate parameter of this product .

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