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CO₂ Heat Pump

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What is SUNCHI ENERGY Carbon Dioxide/CO₂ Heat Pump:

The DC inverter compressor sucks the low-temperature and low-pressure gas CO₂Refrigerant from the evaporator,
and the CO₂Refrigerant compresses into a high-temperature and high-pressure supercritical fluid .
The fluid enters the gas cooler and exchanges the heat with cold water, and is cooled to a high pressure fluid in the gas cooler.
The fluid thus releases a large amount of heat, and the cold water absorbs the released heat so that the water temp. is higher
After the high-pressure fluid is throttled and depressurized by the electronic expansion valve, which absorbs the heat in the air around of the heat pump by fan running In the evaporator, and evaporates into a low-pressure gas, which is again sucked into the compressor for compression work, so that the Refrigerant cycle is repeated to obtain high-temperature hot water.

Carbon Dioxide/CO₂Heat Pump Advantage

Carbon Dioxide/CO₂Heat Pump Advantage
The CO₂ refrigerant gas unit volume cooling capacity is several times that of other refrigerants gas. Its excellent flow and heat transfer characteristics can significantly reduce the size of the compressor and system to make the whole system very compact.
Carbon Dioxide/CO₂Heat Pump Advantage
CO₂ refrigerant almost no destructive effect on the destruction of the ozone layer, and GWP is also very low;
Super high thermal efficiency CO₂ refrigerant combined with nighttime peak electricity bill will greatly reduce operating costs.
Carbon Dioxide/CO₂Heat Pump Advantage
Good chemical stability, CO₂ refrigerant is safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, CO₂ refrigerant does not decompose and generate harmful gases even at high temperatures.
Carbon Dioxide/CO₂Heat Pump Advantage
Compared with conventional refrigerants, the compression of CO₂ refrigerant transcritical cycle is relatively small, about 2.5 to 3.0, which can improve the operating efficiency of the compressor and thus improve the performance coefficient of the system.

Carbon Dioxide/CO₂Heat Pump Advantage
With CO₂ refrigerant high discharge temperature, it can get super temperature hot water, adjustable in the outlet water range of 55℃ ~90℃ ; it can supply 90 ℃  hot water even in cold environment.

Carbon Dioxide/CO₂Heat Pump Advantage

SUNCHI ENERGY Carbon Dioxide/CO₂ Heat Pump Feature

CO₂ Heat Pump operating Ambient temperature: -30℃ ~ 43℃
DC inverter PANASONIC compressor, low noise, 40dBA.
Ultra-wide outlet hot water temperature range:  55℃ ~ 90℃, max 95℃
Modular control system, control 16PCS heat pump at the same time.
ODP=0 (Ozone Depletion Potential Value 0), GWP=1 (Global Warming Potential Value 1)
Friendly refrigerant R744, no pollution to the environment, non-toxic, non-flammable
The internal system of the CO₂Heat Pump has built-in, 6 pressure protection devices
CO₂Heat Pump is direct heat pump / one-time heating / Instant heat pump
CO₂Heat Pump is a transcritical heat pump. The CO₂will not be cooled into liquid at the condenser, and it will always run as gas inside the system.
CO₂ Heat Pump is a direct heat pump, one-time heating: it takes around 15 minutes for heating from 15℃  cold water inlet  to 90℃ hot water outlet.
Double Thickened copper piping system for bearing high pressure to sure reliability and durability.
Wide range of uses, can be used as industrial high temperature hot water/ apartment domestic hot water / big building heating.
Excellent low ambient running stability: Safe and stable operation in the ambient -30℃ ~ 43℃ , continuous supply of 90℃ hot water
Intelligent stepless DC inverter Compressor control, combined with variable flow control , effectively guarantees COP maximization,  efficient operation (COP=4.8)
Auto Defrost: Hot air defrosting, during the intelligent defrosting cycle, the outlet hot water 90℃ temperature remains unchanged.
SUNCHI ENERGY Carbon Dioxide/CO₂ Heat Pump Feature
SUNCHI ENERGY CO₂ Heat Pump Water Heater
Model CO2--4.5I CO2--9I CO2--35II CO2--70II
HP 1.5 3 10 20
Power Supply V/Hz  220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Hot Water Outlet  55℃-90℃
Heating Way / Direct heating / One time heating 
Air :+20℃,
Water Inlet/Outet: 15℃/55℃
Heating capacity kW 4.5 9.0 35 70
Input power kW 0.94 1.9 7.4 14.9
Current A 4.5 9.1 13.2 26.6
COP w/w 4.8 4.7 4.7 4.7
Max power kW 2.64 5.28 15.00 30.00
Max current A 12.00 24.00 27.00 53.60
Max working Pressure MPa 14.0 14.0 14.0 14.0
Water side pressure loss  kPa 41.0 
Compressor   Type / DC inverter / Twin Rotor   ON/OFF Piston 
Name brand /QTY / Panasonic /1 Panasonic /1 Dorin /1 Dorin /1
Controller system  / DCBL controller LCD controller
Fan Qty / one fan /side one fan /side one fan /top two fans /top
Throttling device / Saglnomlya--electronic expansion valve
Pressure device / Built-in high /low pressure sensor and switch
Working ambient temp. -30℃ ~+43℃
Refrigerant ( CO₂ ) volume R744/1.2kg R744/2.5kg R744/7kg R744/14kg
Noise dB(A) 41 55 68 68
 Weight KG 90 250 700 1400
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 750*390*1244 800*800*1500 1410*1100*2500 2300*1100*2500
Connect pipe size inch  3/4 3/4 1’1/4 1’1/4

SUNCHI ENERGY CO₂ Heat Pump Water Heater
Model CO2--4.5I CO2--9I CO2--35II CO2--70II
HP 1.5 3 10 20
Power Supply V/Hz  220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Hot Water Outlet  55℃-90℃
Ambient: +7℃,
Water Inlet/Outet: 10℃/60℃
Heating capacity kW 4.50  9.00 28.40  57.00 
Input power kW 1.20  2.38 7.50  15.10 
Current A 5.36  10.73 13.41  26.81 
COP w/w 3.75  3.78  3.79  3.77 
Ambient: -12℃,
Water Inlet/Outet: 10℃/60℃
Heating capacity kW 4.50  9.05 16.75  33.40 
Input power kW 1.86  3.75 6.70  13.45 
Current A 8.52  17.05 11.98  23.95 
COP w/w 2.42  2.41  2.50  2.48 
Ambient: -20℃,
Water Inlet/Outet: 10℃/60℃
Heating capacity kW 4.26  8.50 12.20  24.10 
Input power kW 2.25  4.50 5.80  11.60 
Current A 10.23  20.45 10.37  20.74 
COP w/w 1.89  1.89  2.10  2.08 
Ambient: +7℃,
Water Inlet/Outet: 15℃/80℃
Heating capacity kW 4.50  9.00  27.20  54.60 
Input power kW 1.42  2.81  8.40  16.80 
Current A 6.39  12.78  15.02  30.03 
COP w/w 3.17  3.20  3.24  3.25 
Hot water yield L 60L 120L 400L 800L

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