Big Project DC Inverter Heat Pump (65KW/70KW)

Big Project DC Inverter Heat Pump (65KW/70KW)

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High Efficiency DC Inverter Heat Pump Overview

Inverter 10~120rps MITSUBISHI Compressor and 60Hz~330Hz HITACHI inverter controller, 300~1000rpm BLDC motor, V type high-efficiency evaporator,  so that can run ambient -25℃ winter, using EVI and DC inverter technology to sure nearly no loose when ambient -15℃.   Save 75% electric power, sure 24 hours home keeping warm 25℃ in winter, keeping 22℃ in summer.

Big Project DC Inverter Heat Pump
Big Project DC Inverter Heat Pump

It can work by one controller screen control 16PCS heat pump modular working, so it easy to operate for the user.

One-touch key to control Auto running, no need professional maintenance, install take up the small place,  very quiet just have 67dB(A) nearly 1.5 meters to test.

Advantages of Big Project DC Inverter Heat Pump

  • High efficiency and energy saving, low noise and long life
The inverter air source heat pump can determine the operating frequency of the compressor and the fan according to how much heat (cold) is needed, so as to use the energy reasonably. As the compressor will not open frequently, the compressor will keep the working state stable, so it will not consume more electrical energy. The energy efficiency of COP can save more than 30% of the total energy consumption of the fixed frequency air, and at the same time, it will play a significant role in reducing the noise and prolonging the service life of the air.

  • High precision of temperature control and great comfort
The inverter heat pump will not stop running like a fixed frequency heat pump at a set temperature. It can operate at a lower frequency to maintain the set temperature, especially when providing heat (cold) for the family, it can control the heat (cold) degree by changing the compressor speed. And the constant frequency heat pump is using the repeated start and stop of the compressor to maintain the set temperature, so the temperature difference fluctuates, the water temperature is higher or lower, so the room temperature will be overcooled or overheated.

  • More environmentally friendly with R410A refrigerants
The inverter air source heat pump is powered by R410A environment-friendly refrigerant. The system has high pressure, good heat, and energy efficiency, it has no poison, no odor, and no damage to the ozone layer.

Project DC inverter heat pump suits big Hotel, school, hospital, restaurant, central air conditioning--Heating & Cooling

SUNCHI new energy heat pump, considering the comfort of the human body, introduces the form of floor heating which is closest to the ideal heating mode into the VRV system. It realizes the most comfortable temperature experience by adopting air conditioning refrigeration in summer and heating in winter. Because of the air conditioning refrigeration, cold air will sink automatically from the roof, and the cold air is concentrated in the area of personnel activity; the floor heating, the heat is direct to the foot where the warming is most needed, and it is a more comfortable collocation way.

It uses flexible and with no restrictions: compared to solar, gas, water (source) heat pump and other forms, dual direct-current frequency conversion air source heat pump unit is not affected by night, cloudy, rain and snow and other bad weather, and is not restricted by the supply of Geology and gas.

The starting current is small: the dual purpose DC inverter air source heat pump water heater has low-frequency startup, small starting current and the small impact on the power grid.

The SUNCHI DC inverter air source heat pump unit has a strong adaptability to the voltage and can be started under the 150-240V voltage. In the adaptability of the environment temperature, the inverter gas enthalpy technology is adopted, and the unit can start at the ambient temperature of -30 C and make a strong heat production.

  • Save money
1. The unit can obtain a large amount of free heat from the air. Every 1 degrees of electricity can produce more than 3~5 degrees of electricity. The thermal efficiency is more than 380%. It saves you the electricity cost by 65 ~ 80%, absorbs the energy in the air with low energy consumption, and can effectively mediate the shortage of energy.

2. The units are installed outside, such as roofs, greening areas, etc., which do not occupy the effective construction area and save civil construction investment.

3. Fewer surcharges:
(1) heat pump units do not require fuel delivery and storage costs.
(2) the maintenance cost of the heat pump is less. Only two components of the heat pump system move, wear less, just need simple daily cleaning and maintenance, usually do not need any maintenance.
(3) full automatic control does not require full-time management and saves wage expenses
type.png refrigerant.png heating.png cooling.png compressor.png ambient.png

Big Project DC Inverter Heat Pump Specification

Project DC inverter heat pump --Heating in Winter + Cooling in Summer
Model MRSV-65A/S(C) MRSV-70A/S(C) MRSV-130A/S(C)
HP 24P 26P 50P
Power supply V/Hz 380V/50Hz
Cooling Rated cooling capacity kW 65 70 130
Rated cooling input power kW 19.5 22 39
EER w/w 3.3 3.2 3.3
Cooling Min / Max kW 19/70 20/75 38/140
input power Min /Max kW 6.3/29.5 7.5/31.2 12.6/59
EER Min / Max w/w 2.2/4.2 2.2/4.2 2.2/4.2
Heating Rated heating capacity kW 70 75 140
Rated heating input power kW 20.5 23 41
COP w/w 3.4 3.3 3.4
Heating capacity Min / Max kW 20/75 24/78 40/150
input power Min /Max kW 6.6/29.5 7.8/31.2 13.2/59
COP  Min / Max w/w 2.7/4.5 2.7/4.4 2.7/4.5
Refrigerant Type R410A
heating hot water temp. range 30℃~50℃
cooling cold water temp. range 5℃~20℃
Working ambient temp. -20℃ (or-25℃ optional )~45℃
Compressor Type MITSUBISHI DC inverter
controller Type Hitachi DCBL controller
motor Type DC brussless motor
pressure advice Type pressure sensor
NW/GW Kg 850/880 880/910 1780/1840
connect water pipe size inch R2" R2" R2-1/2"
machine size mm 2300*1100*2220 2300*1100*2220 2300*2260*2220
The data in the above table test as following :                                                                                                                              
1. Heating test condition: ambient temp. (DB/WB):7℃/6℃,inlet/outlet water temp.:40℃/ 45℃                                                             
2. Cooling test condition : ambient temp. (DB/WB): 35℃/24℃,inlet/outlet water temp.:12℃/ 7℃ ;                                                     
Note : the data in this table are for reference only, please following the nameplate parameter of this product.

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