Basic Concept and Technical Economic Analysis of Solar Powered Heat Pump

The solar powered heat pump central hot water system absorbs solar energy to heat the heat transfer oil through the concentrating trough type collector, and drives the air source absorption heat pump unit through the high temperature heat transfer oil to extract heat from the air to achieve the combination of solar energy and air energy. Two new energy sources are natural.

Economic analysis of solar powered heat pump technology

The current situation of China's increasingly exhausted primary energy cannot be ignored. In China's primary energy consumption, the proportion of coal consumption is large, while the proportion of clean energy consumption is obviously insufficient. Solar energy and wind energy, which are clean energy and renewable energy, are slow to develop due to technical and financial constraints. They account for a very low proportion of social energy use, and the huge potential of solar energy has not yet been realized.

Traditionally, there is heating in the north and cooling in the south in the north. In the north, there is not only heating in winter but also cooling in summer. In the south, there is not only refrigeration insummer but also heating in winter. In the total energy consumption of the society, the proportion of building energy consumption is increasing year by year, and the proportion has reached one third of the total energy consumption of the society. Therefore, the research potential for reducing the energy consumption of buildings is huge. Traditional small-capacity boiler heating forms, including centralized heating, generally have problems such as low thermal efficiency and serious pollution, but the drawbacks of centralized heating are often overlooked. Which kind of scheme is used in the future energy use form is more scientific and reasonable, which is also a problem that the majority of energy workers have been studying and discussing. Conventional solar water heaters have higher investment and larger floor space when they get the same amount of hot water as solar powered heat pump water heaters, while solar powered heat pump water heaters have smaller floor space and higher efficiency. Therefore, the development of efficient solar powered heat pump water heaters is of great significance for the development of solar energy.
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