Application of Air Source Heat Pump in Agricultural Field

1. The continuous innovation of air source heat pump technology

Energy saving, environmental protection, safety, and stability, air source heat pumps have gradually become one of the best ways to replace coal for heating, and are increasingly favored by users. Some direct electric heating methods seem to meet the heating needs, but in essence they are high-energy and low-use. The conversion efficiency is less than 40%. About 60% of the electricity is wasted in the process of electric heating. Instead, it increases the coal consumption of power plants, thereby increasing pollution emissions.

With the new compression technology, frequency conversion technology and new adaptive capabilities, the application of air source heat pumps has even been expanded to -35℃ low temperature conditions. Under such conditions, the CO value of some air source heat pumps can still reach 2.0. The thermal capacity can reach more than 70% of the specified standard working conditions.

2. Application of air source heat pump in agriculture

For vegetable and flower greenhouses in cold winter areas, if the greenhouses are not heated, it will affect the economic income of farmers. However, the long-term use of coal-fired boilers, heating furnaces and other equipment in these areas will not only cause high energy consumption and heavy pollution, but also maintain a poor constant temperature. With the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economic strategies, these highly polluting facilities have been banned in some areas. The clean energy air source heat pump is very suitable for greenhouse planting, which will not cause pollution, but also can maintain the temperature of the greenhouse, so that the flowers and vegetables in the greenhouse will grow stronger.

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