Analysis of the Development of Solar Powered Air Conditioner

There are two main types of cooling effects using solar energy. Convert solar energy into heat. The use of thermal energy to drive the refrigeration unit produces chilled water or conditioned air for delivery to the built environment. For example, the most commonly used solar heat-driven air conditioners are mainly adsorption, absorption, dehumidification air conditioners and jet refrigeration. Convert solar energy into electrical energy. Use electric energy to drive related equipment for heating and cooling. At present, photovoltaic power generation technology and refrigeration technology are generally combined and developed on the basis of ordinary refrigeration equipment.

Solar powered air conditioner refrigeration systems produce cooling for air conditioning and heat for heating during non-air conditioning seasons. The main output is 7 to 12 ° C (standard) for air conditioning refrigeration or other cold water for air conditioning needs. It can also meet the dry air of air conditioning dehumidification 6 ~ 10g / kg dry air (standard) or other dry air for air conditioning dehumidification. Solar powered air conditioner refrigeration is the best solution for efficient solar energy utilization in summer and has a good application prospect.

From the perspective of improving solar energy utilization and operating economy, the current ideal solar air conditioning method should be a heat-driven air conditioning refrigeration unit combined with ordinary flat and vacuum tube solar water heating systems. The combination of the two can better solve the matching of solar heating heating system winter heating, four season hot water supply and summer air conditioning application, and maximize the solar energy utilization rate. Especially in combination with architecture, it can play a certain role in the building energy.

By the end of 2014, the total number of solar refrigeration systems established in the world was approximately 1175. The market shows that from 2004 to 2014, its development trend is very good, but the growth rate has decreased from 32% during the period from 2007 to 2008 to 12% during the period from 2013 to 2014. About one-third of solar refrigeration systems are installed in Europe, especially Spain, Germany and Italy. Most solar powered air conditioner and refrigeration units utilize high performance flat panel collectors or vacuum tube collectors. In addition, in India, Australia and Turkey, there are some examples of using concentrating solar collectors to drive thermal chillers.

Development of solar powered air conditioner refrigeration technology
In the near future, it is combined with the building energy demand and matched with the building integrated solar heating heating system to solve the problem of solar refrigeration and air conditioning in some building spaces in summer. In particular, it is necessary to take the solar powered air conditioner refrigeration technology route combined with popular solar collectors, such as adsorption, absorption, dehumidification air conditioners, etc., and further improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce size, and continuously improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of solar energy. The next step is to realize the solarized air-conditioning refrigeration technology combined with the popular solar collector system and the application of product stereotype and scale. It is expected that all types of solar refrigeration and air conditioning technology will mature and develop, and can play an important role in the field of building heating and air conditioning. Finally, the solar refrigeration air conditioning technology and product system that are compatible with the climatic conditions and energy structure characteristics will be constructed. The development and application of high-temperature, high-efficiency, low-cost, compact solar air conditioning systems can have a place in the future sustainable energy utilization structure.

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