Air Source Heat Pump Pros And Cons

Advantages of air source heat pump:

1. Energy-saving: the average temperature is above 10 degrees. The unit consumes 1 kWh of electricity and can produce more than 4 kW of heat. It saves more than 70% of electricity bills than electric water heaters, and saves energy much compared to other water heaters.

2. environmental protection: consumption of electricity and free heat in the air, zero emissions, zero pollution, green and environmental protection.

3. Safety: The compressor consumes electric energy to generate high-temperature refrigerant, and the high-temperature refrigerant exchanges heat with water to avoid contact between charged components and water, thus preventing the user from electric shock accident caused by leakage.

4. durable: air source heat pump unit main accessories compressor, condenser, evaporator, four-way valve normal service life of more than 7 years.

5. Wide application range. Applicable ambient temperature range is -27℃ to +47 ℃ and it is used all the year 365 days. It can be used normally without the bad weather such as overcast, rain, snow and winter night. Continuous heating, compared with traditional solar water heater storage type, heat pump products can be continuously heated, continuous hot water supply, to meet user 24 hours needs, suitable for all types of group hot water projects, can achieve unattended, fully automatic operation, centralized supply The hot water is equipped with water temperature and water level display.

6. Low operating costs. The energy saving effect greatly, the investment return period is short, and the air source heat pump can save 70% of energy; compared with the gas, electric and electric auxiliary heating solar water heater, the annual money cost is the lowest, and it is more expensive than the solar water heater (with auxiliary electric heating). It is about 1/3 of gas water heaters and about 1/4 of electric water heaters. Short-term recoverable investment. Consumption 1kW power can get 4kW heat energy capacity, and the same power consumption--but air source heat pump can get the hot water is about 3 times higher than that of electric hot water boilers.

7. Environmentally friendly products. There is no pollution, no burning efflux, no damage to the human body, and good social benefits.

8. Stable performance, not affected by the environment. The products operate all day round throughout the year, and are not affected by bad weather such as night, cloudy, rain and snow. It can achieve hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

9. convenient. The air energy heat pump occupies a small space and is similar in appearance to the air conditioner outdoor unit. It can be directly connected to the insulated water tank or connected to the heating pipe network. It is suitable for high-rise buildings in large and medium-sized cities. It is the best choice for large central heating problems. No solar collector plate is needed, and the floor space is reduced by 95%. Connect with the solar water heating equipment can reduce the area of solar collectors by 50%, save a large amount of solar collector space, and reduce the volume of the water storage tank.

Advantages and disadvantages of air source heat pump

1. the efficiency is not high, subject to geographical restrictions.
Air source heat pumps have few disadvantages. Because air source energy is a dispersive energy source, the heating rate is slow and the thermal efficiency is not very high. In addition, the air source heat pump is prone to frosting problems, and the air source heat pump is limit by distric place geographical .
2. The compressor is easy to burn out. At present, air-energy water heaters on the market generally adopt a circulating heating system, which operates under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and is easy to age and carbonize the compressor. If the lubrication effect of the system is not good, the compressor is easily burned out.

The condenser scaling efficiency is low :
the low-temperature refrigerant enters the evaporator and exchanges heat with the air. If the air is dusty, the accumulated dust of the evaporator will affect the heat exchange efficiency of the air source heat pump unit after long-term use. The evaporator can be cleaned with soapy water. Rubbing with sandpaper will cause the copper tube of the evaporator to rupture;
when the tap water or groundwater quality is poor, when the high-temperature refrigerant produced by the compressor exchanges heat with the condenser, the condenser coil will foul, the thermal conductivity is reduced, and the heat transfer efficiency is reduced. As the heat builds up in the compressor, high pressure protection occurs.

In the winter, antifreeze work should be done to avoid the expansion of the water in the condenser and the rupture of the condenser heat exchanger coil, which will cause serious consequences for the compressor to enter the water.
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