Air Source Heat Pump Performance

Air source heat pump is an energy efficient device that makes full use of air source heat energy. Heat can be spontaneously transferred from a high temperature object to a low temperature object, but not spontaneously in the opposite direction. The heat pump principle is to mechanically force the heat to flow from the low temperature object to the high temperature object by reverse circulation manner. It only consumes a small amount electric power and can get a large heat capacity supply, which can effectively make the low grade which is difficult to apply. Thermal energy is used to achieve energy saving purposes.

The performance of an air source heat pump is generally evaluated by a coefficient of refrigeration (COP coefficient of performance). The coefficient of refrigeration is defined as the ratio of the heat transferred from a cryogenic object to a hot object to the required power. Usually, the heat pump has a cooling coefficient of about 3-4, that is, the heat pump can transfer 3 to 4 times of the energy required by the heat pump from the low temperature object to the high temperature object. Therefore, the heat pump is essentially a heat-lifting device, which consumes a small amount of electric energy during operation, but can extract 4-7 times of electric energy from the environmental medium (water, air, soil, etc.), and raises the temperature for utilization. This is also the reason for heat pump energy saving.

The air source heat pump absorbs a large amount of low-temperature heat energy in the air, but consume little electric energy. It is converted into high-temperature heat energy by the compression of the compressor and is transmitted to the water tank to heat the cold water into hot water, so it has low energy consumption, high efficiency, high speed and good safety. It is environmentally friendly and supplies hot water continuously. It has unparalleled advantages as a hot water system. However, one of the main disadvantages of air source heat pumps is that the heating capacity and heating coefficient decrease with the decrease of outdoor air temperature, so its use is limited by the ambient temperature, and is generally applicable to areas with a low ambient temperature above -27℃. Combining heat pump technology with solar power energy or solar water heater to supply hot water, the air source heat pump is undoubtedly an ideal auxiliary heating device.
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