Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance

1. In order to prevent air source heat pump system performance lower, it is recommended regular cleaning and inspection for an important part once time a year.

2. The unit after running for some time should be cleaned regularly Y-type water filters, later on washing one time every quarter.

3. Note in the winter, when the unit is not running for a long time, the water in the system must be empty to prevent system cracking.

4. After unit operation for a period of time, fin heat exchanger will dust to impact heat transfer, can be using a hard nylon brush cleaning fin of the heat exchanger, but be careful not to damage of copper tube, fin, if have compressed air, can use the high pressure air pipe blowing the fin heat exchanger, about 2 ~ 3 months cleaning one time; one year at least cleaning condenser one time, we suggest clean it before using every year .

5. The filter on the water inlet pipe of the commercial type water storage tank need frequent disassembly and cleaning, about one month cleaning one time to ensure that using water is clean, water tank clean one time each half year.

When the unit is installed, should be professionals trial run and debugging.  Should be confirmed power voltage, construction wiring is correct before trail running, check the phase sequence is correct. Check every wire connection parts is tightened. After confirm each is OK, then running as follows:

1. The fan trial run: confirm whether the blades reversed, with or without abnormal noise and vibration.

2. The compressor trial run: (instantaneous and pumps must be running): confirm the compressor whether have abnormal phenomena.

3. Water pump trial run: check if the pump differential pressure before and after running meets the requirements and the water flow differential pressure switch operation is normal. After trial running found everything is normal, and then connect dc inverter heat pump system together trail running.

4. After running, check the unit operating current, running pressure, water pressure, water flow, and the water temperature difference between inlet and outlet of the unit, according to the reality condition to adjust the water flow to ensure unit working normally. After confirm no any error, you can put into use.
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