Air Source Heat Pump Installation

First:  the electric installation notes
1. The product shall be installed in accordance with the rules of the local national wiring.

2. The power supply specifications must follow the unit model corresponding power specifications requirement of this book.

3. The user shall not arbitrarily change the power cord or socket, wiring work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

4. Should ensure that the metal part of the unit has a good grounding.

Second: the unit installation notes
5. It is strictly prohibited host unit install within the warehouse that may occur combustible gas leakage.

6. Do not put a hand or a foreign object into the fan of the unit, if so it will lead to the risk of personnel and equipment.

7. The unit installation needs to balance, cannot be tilted.

Third: controller installation note
8. controller should be fixed on the operation & convenient check and not get wet on the wall.

9. controller device installed in the indoor, and avoid direct sunlight.

Four: the unit usage caution
10. the normal use of the process, please do not turn off the cold water valve; otherwise, hot water will not outlet.

11. controller has been set according to the actual water temp. requirement, generally do not need to reset. If you need to reset, please refer to "controller instructions" section of this using book.

Installation must be equipped with the appropriate qualifications of a professional person in accordance with the wiring diagram on the unit. During the process of install and use, the following points should be noted:

1. Before installation make sure that the install place power grid mains voltage same as unit nameplate marked voltage, the power, wires and the socket load capacity is suitable for the unit max input power requirements;

2. Users are not allowed to change the power cord or socket outlet, wiring fitting work must be performed by a qualified electrician, and make sure the metal part of the unit has a good grounding wire, please do not changing the grounding mode of the unit;

3. When all wiring work totally finished, after careful check every detail than can be turned power on;

4. It is strictly forbidden to install the unit in a place where there may be a combustible gas leak;

5. Do not put the hand or others parts insert into the air outlet, otherwise, it will lead to personal danger and equipment damage;

6. In order to get a better energy saving effect, the unit should be installed in the air circulation of a good place;

7. Operation panel cannot be placed (or installation) outside or heavy moisture places, when the connecting wire line do not long enough between controller panel and machine, we do not suggest you cut down this wire or length this wire and reconnection

Install Notes:

1.Before first time running unit, must ensure that the tank has been filled with water or enough water capacity for the unit operation ;

2.Before the unit is running, you must confirm the valve on the pipes between unit and tank are in the open position;

3. Rated water temperature is 90 ℃, the water temperature should be adjusted to the appropriate temperature when using (There is a risk of scalding when the body directly contact temperature above 55 ℃ water!)

4. Must be carried out by the professional people for the maintenance work;

Install Safety tips :

1. DC inverter heat pump 90℃ high temp. water heater must be installed by professional technicians;

2. Power supply must be reliable grounding;

3. Units should be installed in accordance with local laws and regulations;

4.To avoid accidents,  please turn off the power switch when maintenance;

5. When repair must ensure that the refrigerant has been released in the system, otherwise the refrigerant in case of fire will have a harmful gas, fire or explosion, and other accidents.

Check before installation

The unit arrived at the place of delivery, the customer should open box and check unit
1. According to the packing list, check the attachment of the unit is complete;

2. According to the unit nameplate to check equipment models and specifications;

3. Check the unit with or without any damage;

4. Check the unit if have any refrigerant leakage.

Please contact the office of company in local service if you have any questions before installation.

After unpacking inspection equipment, to take protective measures, so as to avoid equipment damage or rain.

Handling and lifting
Before leave factory, each unit have a strict inspection and testing to ensure that the performance and quality ,Users install the unit can not be tilted or collision, to avoid damage to the control system and piping components.

Hoisting: hoisting sling(belt) can bear three times larger than the intensity of the weight of the unit, check and ensure the hook is had fasten the unit, lifting angle > 60 degrees. To prevent the unit surface scratches, deformation, it should be at least 50 mm thick mat of wood, cloth or cardboard between the place of unit and Sling contact points. When hoisting, do not stand any person under the unit.
Hoisting schematic

Heat Pump Unit Installation Place Choose

1.The unit can be installed on roofs, balconies, courtyards and other clean, bright and well-ventilated place, avoid smoke, steam or other heat sources impact.

2.The unit requirements placed on cement or steel structure, should be able to withstand the weight of unit operation, and can sound insulation and damping, and the table must be level, install the unit should be set aside drain grooves (see below picture). In order to avoid earth-quakes, typhoons or equipment may produce a long-term running of the displacement lead to connect pipe twist and crack , the unit should take proper fixed measures.

3.The unit installed in the ventilation good place, which does not occur airflow short circuit loop, exhaust and noise shall not affect the surrounding buildings;Dissipate heat space should meet the equipment technical requirements. Units need enough space for maintenance

4.To ensure the dissipate heat of the unit,there is no any obstacle in front of the unit air outlet to affect the air flow.The distance between the air outlet and the obstacle is >3m.

5. Can directly use the expansion bolt to fix the unit to the cement base, can also use angle bracket plus anti-vibration rubber pad to fix the unit on the wall or roof;

6. The unit should be around with the smooth drainage channel, to ensure that the condensate can be discharged in time;

7. Around the unit should be left enough space for maintenance

Heat Pump Water Heater Tank installation

1. The storage tank should be installed within a certain range from the outdoor unit

2. The storage tank must be standing upright, put 10cm foot pad under the bottom. The installation should be solid foundation, must be able to withstand the weight 3 to 4 times to the water tank;

3. To clean, near the storage tank should be preset with water pipes and hot water interface, the interface should be installed the valve, the inlet pipe must be installed removable filter;

Heat pump water Pipeline installation:

1.  Water system test pressure: the strength test pressure as usually 0.6MPa, to maintain 30 minutes, the pressure drop is not more than 0.02MPa, the requirements of high strength testing is qualified, air tightness pressure is usually 0.4MPa, all the pipeline system to check without any leakage.

2.  Inlet and outlet pipe of unit please mounted thermometer and pressure gauge, in order to easy for daily operation maintenance and adjustment, the highest points of all the water pipes shall be set up automatic exhaust valve, the lowest point of the system settings drain valve.

3.  Must repeated washing on the water pipes before connecting between the water pipe and unit inlet&outlet points, If choose galvanized pipe,must direct water system flushing by high pressure water pump, still remove dirt until the water pipe clean, then can connect with unit, in order to ensure that the unit normal running.

4.  Set up the independent bracket to support pipe weight, avoid pipe weight effect in the unit.

5.  In the water inlet pipe of the unit connect one Y-type copper filter ( recommended to 20-30 mesh strainer )

6.  Unit water outlet & inlet pipe and valves should be insulated (recommended >δ20 rubber insulation materials), water refill valve should be set into indoors to prevent ice & cracking.

7. When installation area ambient temperature is below 0℃, in winter the unit power off or long time not use, you must promptly empty all water in the system pipes to prevent the plate heat exchanger and pipes ice.

4. Installation of the water temperature temperature probe: In the storage tank to Find the "temperature" installation position of water temperature temperature probe (as shown on the right); install the water temperature temperature probe according to the map method on the tank, insert the attached water temperature temperature probe into the "temperature port", and inserted into the bottom (depth of about 19cm); sensitive temperature plug must be inserted after the thread terminal nut tightening; Finally, connect the connection cable of the water temperature probe and the probe connection terminals on the unit control board.

5.Install  step :
Normal Heat pump hot water system install drawing( NO.2 )
If not used for a long time, please empty the water in the water system,to avoid freezing plate heat exchanger.
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