Advantages of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Compared to Conventional Solar Energy

1. From the investment side: If the same water supply effect is achieved, the capital input air source heat pump water heater is less than the conventional solar energy product, and the economical electric energy can be used, and the hot water reserve is used when the electricity is low.

2. From the aspect of use: Conventional solar energy products are obviously affected by the weather, and they cannot work in rainy days, snowy days, and nights. Air source heat pump water heaters can work as usual on cloudy, rainy, snowy, night or sunny days, providing hot water throughout the day.

3. In terms of operating costs, conventional solar energy runs at almost zero cost under direct sunlight. Unfortunately, it can only rely on the auxiliary system to work in rainy and snowy days or nights. Statistics show that the normal solar energy consumption system consumes 1.5 times more energy than the air source heat pump water heater in the whole year.

4. Other functional aspects: Air source heat pump water heaters can be placed anywhere, regardless of location. Moreover, it occupies a small space, and conventional solar energy needs to occupy a large space to achieve the same heating effect, and must be placed in the open air. At the same time, its service life can reach more than 15 years, the maintenance cost is low, and the equipment performance is stable.

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