A More Cost Effective Heatimg Method than Air Conditioning Heating

1. The disadvantages of air conditioning heating

Most air conditioners only have the function of cooling in summer, but are function-limited in heating. Compared with the cooling function, the heating function of the air conditioner sees many disadvantages:


(1) The air conditioner adapts to the working environment temperature of 40℃ to -5℃. In other words, when the outdoor temperature is too low, the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is prone to frost, so it takes more time to defrost the outdoor unit when the air conditioner starts, which will not only consume more electric energy, but also reduce the heating effect of the air conditioner.

(2) The air outlet of the air conditioner is generally installed on the upper part of the house and the hot air will blow against our heads, making us uncomfortable and leaving our feet (the most non-cold-resitant part of our body) cold. This kind of heating method does not work according to our physiological perception. In addition, when the air conditioner is used for heating, the air humidity will be reduced, resulting in accelerating the evaporation of water on the surface of human skin, making people feel thirsty and itchy.

(3) Taking a 1.5hp heating and cooling air conditioner as an example, the general heating power is 1KW and the heating capacity is 3000KW when the auxiliary heating unit is not turned on. In theory, it consumes 1KW of electricity and can generate 3KW of heat. However, just as mentioned above, it is impossible for the air conditioner to achieve such a high heating efficiency in winter.


2. The advantages of air energy heat pump

Compared with air conditioners, the advantages of air heat pump are very obvious. The heating terminal of the air heat pump is a radiant floor heating unit or heating radiator, and the hot air blows from the bottom to the top, in addition, its heat exchange process is realized via water flow, which will not lead to the reduction of air humidity during heating. In this case, the human body will feel much more comfortable. 

In terms of power consumption, air energy heat pumps mainly use the heat in the air and a small amount of electric energy to prodce heat, with heating power of 1KW and heating capacity of 4000KW. This means that the pumps consume 1KW of electricity to generate 4KW of heat, and is not affected by outdoor temperature when heating. According to the data provided by SUNCHI Group, when the outdoor temperature in Beijing is -20℃, the room temperature will be raised to 20℃. And the heat pump will consume less electricity than air conditioners in terms of heating.

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