A Brief Discussion on the 10 Application Fields of Air Energy Heat Pump

Do you know what fields the air energy heat pump can be applied to? If you are not sure, let's have a look together!


1. Home heating field

As we all know, in order to reduce coal-burning pollution and improve air quality in winter, many regions have adopted the air energy heat pump as their major heating choice because of its advantages of energy conservation and environmental friendliness! Promoting the use of heat pumps and other electric heating equipment in old urban areas that are not covered by the heat and gas pipeline network, or urban-rural junctions and residential and rural areas with high ecological requirements is necessary.


2. Decentralized heating field

Winter heating in areas with a hot summer and a cold winter is very important for people to live comfortably. Due to energy wasting, air pollution and many other reasons, small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers are gradually being eliminated. In addition to traditional centralized heating, there is also an urgent need to develop heating alternatives. So the air energy heat pumps will be the best choice for the decentralized heating market.


3. Animal husbandry heating field

Air energy heat pump has now been extensively applied in many fields, providing people with comfortable experience and satisfying their need for hot water, heating, refrigeration and so on. The pump has also been well used in the animal husbandry industry to raise pigs, fish, shrimps and etc. The other advantage of air energy heat pump lies in that it enables intelligent control of the temperature, and it is not labor-consuming and resource-consuming, helping save a lot. Moreover, the air energy heat pump is relatively stable, unlike the electric bulb with a relatively high failure rate.


4. Home heating or large building heating & cooling field

For a long time, the air energy heat pumps take providing "heating" as their main mission. So can they develop the "cooling" function? The answer is absolutely "yes". The air energy heat pump has now developed into a dual-generation unit with both the heating and cooling functions! It is actually a perfect combination of cooling function in summer and heating function in winter! Moreover, the cooling performance of the air energy heat pump is superior to that of the central air conditioner (air-cooled unit of the same model).


5. Constant-temperature agricultural greenhouse field

For vegetable greenhouses and fruits in severely cold areas, because the outdoor temperature is quite low and the outer wall structure of the vegetable greenhouse is not high-quality, the cold air will enter the greenhouse, resulting in low indoor temperature and thus affecting the growth of vegetables. If the greenhouse is not heated, it will directly affect the economic income of farmers. Therefore, long-term use of coal-fired hot blast stoves, heating stoves and other equipment in these areas will cause high energy consumption and high pollution. As a result, the temperature cannot be maintained at a constant level.


6. Commercial-grade water heater field

The commercial-grade water heater renovation market has emerged since more and more water heater renovation projects for hotels and guesthouse offer a "new battlefield". While promoting clean energy-based heating, efforts are also underway to accelerate the renovation of commercial-grade water heater project. The air energy heat pump enables intelligent amd automatic system management throughout the year. Besides, there is no high-risk equipment such as pressure vessels, and its safety performance is stronger than that of boilers.


7. Campus BOT field

The so-called Campus BOT, including campus hot water engineering projects, campus dormitory investment management projects as well as hospital investment and construction projects. Once constructed, the air energy heat pump unit can supply hot water 24 hours a day, bringing great convenience to students. Students can enjoy the treatment of bathhouse on campus.


8. Heat pump drying for the industry, agriculture and service fields

As a potential market enabling the crossing development of energy conservation, agricultural machinery and HVAC fields, heat pump drying has been in a period of rapid development in recent years and has attracted more and more attention from government departments, as well as many industries such as HVAC, agricultural machinery, agricultural products processing, and environmental protection. Taking the coal-fired substitution of tobacco drying system as an example, one person in the continuous tunnel-type tobacco heat pump drying system can manage the operation of 50-60 barns, saving 90% of labor costs.


9. Industrial-grade high-temperature application field

In order to solve the problem of air pollution, local governments have to dismantle small boilers within a time limit. Because of the remarkable advantages of energy conservation, environmental friendliness and safety, the air energy heat pumps have become the mainstream choice in the medium and low temperature hot water market, such as the field of electroplating.


10. Constant temperature preservation field

As we all know, due to the advantages of energy conservation, environmental friendliness, high precision and controllability of heat pump drying, the air energy heat pump has been widely used in the fields of agricultural products, food, Chinese medicinal materials and seafood. At the same time, the pump has gradually been applied to industrial fields such as leather, minerals, rubber, textile and printing. However, as a new market, heat pump-based drying is also very popular in the the field of constant temperature preservation market.

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