5 Ton Heat Pump

5 ton heat pump have heating room in winter and cooling function in summer,  the cooling capacity of the air source heat pump water chiller unit decreases following the increase of the outdoor temperature, and the power consumption of the unit increases with the increase of the outdoor ambient temperature. When the outdoor air temperature increases to 40 ℃, the cooling capacity generally decreases by about 5 - 7%. The upper limit temperature of heating and cooling of air source heat pump hot water unit is generally 40-45 °C. Some brands have a step-by-step control system for condenser fan speed, and the maximum allowable outdoor ambient can reach 52 °C. It should be pointed out that, unlike the cooling tower, ( the relative humidity under cooling conditions does not adversely affect the air source heat pump. On the contrary, the relative humidity is large, which is beneficial to cooling tower ) .
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