4 Ton Heat Pump

4 ton heat pump the operating cost is low: the energy saving effect is outstanding, the investment return period is short, the air source heat pump can save 70% of energy; compared with the gas, electric and electric auxiliary heating solar water heater, the annual cost is the lowest, compared with the solar water heater (with auxiliary Electric heating) also saves, is about 1/3 of gas water heaters, about 1/4 of electric water heaters. Short-term recoverable investment. An average of 4kw of heat energy can be generated for every 1kw of power consumption, and the same power consumption is about 3 times higher than that of electric hot water boilers.

Realize system operation automation; automatic operation, no need to be on duty, comes with temperature control device and insulation layer, can automatically replenish water, heat, power off, can provide hot water for 24 hours. Users can enjoy hot water at any time under any weather conditions.
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