3 Ton Heat Pump System

air source water heater mainly needs heat energy from the air, and has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and safety of the solar water heater.
It solves the problem that solar water heaters rely on sunlight for heat extraction and inconvenient installation. Since the air source heat pump water heater is heated by the medium exchange heat, there is no need for the electric heating element to contact with the water, there is no danger of electric water heater leakage, and the hidden danger of poisoning and explosion of the gas water heater is eliminated, and there is no air pollution caused by the exhaust gas of the fuel water heater.

The biggest advantage of air source heat pump water heaters is "energy saving."

Take the specific data: 30℃ temperature difference hot water prices are:  electric water heater 1.54 cents / liter of hot water (electric price $ 0.42 yuan / kWh);
gas water heater 1 cent / liter of hot water (gas $2 / cubic meter);

The heat pump water heater obtains the free heat energy in the air, and the power consumed is only the energy used by the compressor to carry the air energy. Therefore, the thermal efficiency is as high as 380%-600%, and the same hot water quantity is produced. The heat pump water heater uses only electricity. 1/4 of the water heater, 1/3 of the gas water heater.
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