2.5 Ton Heat Pump

2.5 ton heat pump has a wide application range, the temperature range is -27℃ to 47 ℃, and it is used all the year round. It can be used normally without the bad weather such as overcast, rain, snow and winter night. Continuous heating, compared with traditional solar water storage type, heat pump products can be continuously heated, continuous hot water supply, to meet user needs, suitable for all types of group hot water projects, can achieve unattended, fully automatic operation, centralized supply The hot water is equipped with water temperature and water level display.

Long service life, low maintenance cost, long service life of more than 15 years, stable equipment performance. The operation is safe and the degree of automation is high. The air source heat pump water heater adopts indirect heating mode, and the operation is safe; the degree of automation is high.
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