2 Ton Heat Pump

2 ton heat pump: when winter heating room, the heat pump will come out frost after running some times. Frosting on the coil of the heat pump unit will affect the normal and effective heating supply, so it is necessary to timer the defrosting. At present, most of the units use reverse circulation to defoase. At this time, not only compressor stop heating operation, but also running is cooling way, so the system heating supply is significantly affected. When the frost is severe, the average defrost is half an hour. The time for one defrosting is about 5 minutes, and the amount of heat supplied is about 17% by the defrosting way. In addition, when the outdoor temperature is lower, the output capacity of the heat pump unit is significantly reduced. Under the condition of 0 °C, the actual output rate of the heat pump unit is about 70% of under the rated working condition.
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