The Inverter Heat Pump is the Future

The government bidding projects in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi and other places have clearly defined the “maximum plus 3 points for DC inverters”. Some counties and cities in Hebei even designated "must be a frequency conversion product." In this regard, people can not help but wonder: the government is to buy high-end goods, brand goods and lead the people to run a well-off in advance? of course not! Does the government want the people to be comfortable? Of course not! what is that? In terms of market price, frequency conversion products are more than 50% more expensive than fixed frequency. The government knows that the frequency conversion is more expensive than the fixed frequency. Why does the government encourage the frequency conversion? Today we are talking about this.

What is a fixed frequency? What is frequency conversion?

First of all, the frequency conversion can change the operating frequency. Frequency conversion is the ability to achieve AC control by changing the frequency of the AC. The fixed frequency is the inability to change the operating frequency and is a fixed operating frequency. China's power grid voltage is divided into 220 volts, 50 Hz and 380 volts, 50 Hz. Air sources operating under such voltage conditions are collectively referred to as fixed frequency air sources.

The fixed-frequency air source heat pump controls the room temperature by controlling the compressor to start and stop. Since the power supply frequency cannot be changed, the compressor speed of the fixed-frequency air source heat pump will not change substantially. If the temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor will stop working. On the contrary, it starts to work, relying on constantly “opening and stopping” the compressor to adjust the temperature. The fixed-frequency air source heat pump makes the room temperature close to the set value by changing the operating frequency of equipment components such as compressors.

The inverter heat pump is more adaptable to the rural power grid

The government encourages and requires inverter heat pumps first because of the poor voltage in rural areas. Taking Beijing as an example, the government has spent huge sums of money to upgrade the rural power grid. Each household is guaranteed a minimum of 9KW. However, in the heating season, once a large area begins to heat up, the phenomenon of voltage instability is more common, and even the heat pump main unit cannot be used normally. Reasons include:

Improper adjustment of power in the power supply department;

Residents and shops use electricity to share the main line;

The transformer load is not enough.

In the process of coal reforming, the variable frequency air source has a low current when the system is started, and will not impact the power grid and the watt-hour meter, and can reduce the interference to other indoor electrical appliances. The voltage adaptation range reaches 120V-270V, which solves the problem that the work is affected due to the instability of the voltage. The range of frequency variation is wider, and it is more secure to operate without downtime in most operating conditions. As a result, there has not been a large-scale expansion of frequency conversion products in urban areas, but in rural areas, the market has first opened. In addition, frequency conversion equipment has more advantages.

Inverter heat pump has good low temperature heating effect
The inverter heat pump achieves high power and high efficiency. After the system is started, when the outside temperature is low, when the current temperature and the set temperature differ greatly, the inverter heat pump operates at the maximum frequency, and the frequency can reach 120 Hz. Then it can quickly heat (cold), so that the water temperature rises rapidly or drops to the set temperature, and a comfortable temperature environment can be quickly obtained. When the temperature reaches the set value, it automatically switches to low frequency operation.

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