Domestic DC Inverter Heat Pump (8KW/12KW/15KW/18KW)

Domestic DC Inverter Heat Pump (8KW/12KW/15KW/18KW)

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Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Overview

  • Heating Capacity Range: 8kW/12kW/15kW/18kW for buyer to choose,
  • 220V/1Ph/50Hz power supply suit for home Heating & Cooling,
  • by Inverter technology this domestic water heat pump can directly working -20℃ in winter,
  • produce max 50℃ hot water for heating room, summer produce 7℃ for cooling water.

Domestic DC inverter Heat Pump
Domestic DC inverter Heat Pump
Domestic DC inverter Heat Pump

Using no pollution R410A refrigerant, with DC inverter MITSUBISHI Compressor and HITACHI DC inverter controller to sure Heating capacity nearly no loose when ambient -15℃.

SCOP: A++ (35℃ outlet), Monobloc model easy to install, by R485S connect port can WIFI or mobile Phone Control this Domestic DC inverter Heat Pump, so you can hold on inverter heat pump running by yours Phone.

Fast refrigeration and calefaction: the inverter heat pump unit adopts the advanced DC frequency conversion technology to accurately control the running speed of compressor and fan. And fast refrigeration or calefaction by the intelligent adjustment of the electronic expansion valve.

Energy saving: the domestic water heat pump unit can change the running speed of the DC compressor according to the demand of the user's cold and heat load at any time, which avoids the frequent start of the compressor, and keeps the working state of the unit stable, and achieve the energy saving effect.

Accurate control of temperature and extreme comfort:  after achieving the set temperature, inverter heat pump unit runs at a lower frequency, avoiding the discomfort caused by the intense change of room temperature, keeping the indoor temperature stable, extremely comfortable, and providing a high-quality life.

Low noise: after achieving the set temperature, inverter heat pump unit runs at a lower frequency, which avoids the frequent start of the outdoor machine, greatly reduces the irregularity of the gyrotron, makes the vibration of the unit very small, being about 1/2 of the conventional air conditioning. It can be extremely quiet in combination with multiple noise reduction measures.

Low installation requirements: the dc inverter air to water heat pump unit can change the running speed of the DC compressor at any time according to the demand of the user's cold and heat load. The inverter heat pump unit starts at low frequency, the starting current is small, and the impact on the power grid is small. It has the strong adaptability to voltage and can be activated at 150-240V voltage. It can be activated at the ambient temperature of -25 with strong heating.

Safety and environmental protection: the series inverter adopts the new R410A environmental protection refrigerants, which is non-toxic, no odor, chlorine free elements, will not react with the ozone layer, will not destroy the ozone layer, and greatly reduce the greenhouse effect.  It is internationally recognized to replace the R22, the most suitable refrigerant for R407C.

Intelligent APP: wireless remote monitoring, mobile APP online control, all operation status of the unit is in the master, it always creates a comfortable home environment.

Ultra high energy efficiency: low-frequency startup of compressor and fan, frequency conversion operation, no impact on the power grid, wide range regulation of frequency 10~120rps, low frequency and high efficiency and energy saving, high frequency and fast response to user's demand.

Authority certification: through the CCC, CE, TUV, ERP, SCOP, ROHS and other domestic and foreign authoritative certification, it ensures that each machine is strictly on-line inspection strictly according to the ISO-9001 quality control system control production process.
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DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump Specification

DC inverter heat pump --Heating in Winter + Cooling in Summer
 Model RSV-8A RSV-12A RSV-15A RSV-18A
HP 3P 5P 6P 8P
Power supply V/Hz  220V/50Hz
Cooling Rated cooling capacity kW 8.0  12 15.0  18.0 
Rated cooling input power kW 2.6  3.8  4.8  5.8 
EER w/w 3.1  3.2  3.1  3.1 
Cooling Min / Max kW 3.5/11 6.0/16 7.0/20.0 8.0/24
EER Min / Max kW 1.0/4.0 1.6/6.0 1.8/6.5 1.9/8.7
EER Min / Max w/w 2.0/4.0 2.1/4.1 2.3/4.2 2.1/4.2
Heating Rated heating capacity kW 9.0  14.0  17.0  20.0 
Rated heating input power kW 2.8  4.1  5.1  6.0 
COP  w/w 3.2  3.4  3.3  3.3 
Heating capacity Min / Max  kW 4.5/11 7.0/16 8.0/20.0 9.0/14.0
Input Power Min / Max  kW 1.0/4.0 1.6/6.0 1.8/6.5 1.9/8.7
COP  Min / Max w/w 2.8/4.6 2.8/4.6 2.8/4.6 2.8/4.6
Refrigerant Type R410A
Compressor Type MITSUBISHI DC inverter Speed
Heating hot water temp. rang 30℃~50℃
Cooling cold water temp. rang 5℃~20℃
Working ambient temp.  -20℃~45℃
Noise dB(A) 52 53 55 57
 N.W/ G.W Kg 95/103 108/122 112/130 150/175
Connect pipe size inch Rc1" /DN25 DN32
If monobloc unit size (L*W*H) mm 1040*420*865 1040*420*1380 1040*420*1470 1060*420*1560
this model monobloc or Split as optional ,  If choose Split model , the following is indoor unit size : 
Indoor Unit Size (L*W*H) mm 520*240*681 520*240*681 520*240*681
The data in the above table test as following :
1. Heating test condition: ambient temp. (DB/WB):7℃/6℃,inlet/outlet water temp.:40℃/ 45℃ 
2. Cooling test condition : ambient temp. (DB/WB): 35℃/24℃,inlet/outlet water temp.:12℃/ 7℃ ;                                                        
Note : the data in this table are for reference only, please following the nameplate parameter of this product .

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